10 February 2023

A series of publications on self-learning artificial intelligence is being prepared. All code and formulas will be on this site in the public domain. Since I do not have the opportunity to implement the project in my homeland, due to the current situation, and I do not have access to resources, I am publishing this material in the hope that it will be useful to someone. I cannot prevent the use of everything that will be published, and I cannot control the further development of my thoughts and ideas. Therefore, if judgment day suddenly comes, please do not judge me harshly.


What am I doing?

  • Creation of software for science and study.
  • Simulation of experiments.
  • Testing ideas and hypotheses.
  • Creation of self-developing artificial intelligence.
  • Researching new methods of software design.

What am I using?

  • Programming languages. There are a lot of them, but I like python.
  • Books and articles on mathematics, physics, programming.
  • Source code from the internet space.
  • Reverse engineering of everything that comes to hand.