Welcome to the blog of the scientific software developer

I am looking for interesting and challenging tasks. I am fond of programming and electronics from an early age. I am interested to know how it works and how this can be created. I try to keep abreast of the latest developments and research. I take my ideas from various sources, they can be fantastic films or presentations, as well as scientific articles or popular science publications.

This blog is a kind of journal, a journal of logs. Therefore, each project is split into several posts. Posts are categorized for easy navigation. Thus, you can find out the latest information on my developments.

Last news

April 30, 2024

New posts on this topic are currently being published by SLAI – Self-Learning Artificial Intelligence. With the advent of GPT, the development process has become much simpler and more interesting. However, implementation still requires multiple GPUs.



What am I doing?

  • Creation of software for science and study.
  • Simulation of experiments.
  • Testing ideas and hypotheses.
  • Creation of self-developing artificial intelligence.
  • Researching new methods of software design.

What am I using?

  • Programming languages. There are a lot of them, but I like python.
  • Books and articles on mathematics, physics, programming.
  • Source code from the internet space.
  • Reverse engineering of everything that comes to hand.